Tip #039 – Aliases and FUAs (Cont.)

Tip #039
 Aliases and FUAs (Cont.)

OK, now that you know all about aliases, let’s talk about QACs (Quick Access Codes) and FUAs (Frequently Used Addresses)

A quick access code is nothing but a shortcut to some information stored in your computer.  A quick access code can contain up to 10 alpha-numeric characters.  Aliases and FUAs use quick access codes to retreve the information stored.

When a quick access code is used from the first line of the recipient’s address, it is called a FUA (Frequently Used Address).
When used from the “Delivered To” field, it is called a recipiens alias and when used from the Account # or Account Name fields it is called a customer alias.

Like a recipient alias, a FUA can not only hold the address to a place you deliver to frequently, but also the name.
In flowerSoft, the correct or recommended way to enter the recipient information on an order going to a funeral home or hospital is to enter either the deceased’s name or the patient’s name on the “Deliver To” field and the name of the funeral home or hospital on the first line of the recipient’s address field.  The address can then be entered on the second line of the recipient’s address.

On a previous post we mentioned quick access codes but we did not go into very much detail as to what they were and when they should be used.
So you ask “
What is a FUA and when should we use them?”

A FUA, like the name implies, should be used as a shortcut to places you deliver to frequently.  These are mostly hospitals and funeral homes but can also be used for hotels, restaurants and even recipients who are very popular.

 Like aliases, they use a quick access codes to retreive stored information.  Unlike an alias, however, a FUA is not used to bring up information on a customer or recipient.  Instead, a FUA is used to bring up information on business or places that you deliver to very often.  Therefore, a FUA is only used from the first line of the recipient’s address and must be preceeded by a period (.) just like a recipient alias.

You saw that the cemeteries, funeral homes and hospitals database had a field designated to keep a quick access code.  We also gave a short explanation on how to use a quick access code.  If you want to refer back to that post, click on this link: http://wp.me/p24nOe-4H
On that post you can see how a QAC is used in a FUA to access stored delivery information on a hospital.

A FUA holds the following information:

  • A name.  Usually a business name but it could also be the name of an individual.
  • An address.  Only one line since the first line of the recipient’s address is used for the name.
  • A cross-street, if one is available to facilitate the delivery.
  • The name of the city
  • The state abbreviation
  • The zip code
  • A phone number

In other words, all that is needed to deliver the order to the correct location.

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