Tip #035 – Additional Options Available From New Orders Menu

Tip #035
Additional Options Available from New Orders Menu

Let’s face it, your computer is going to spend 80-90% of the time in the New Orders Menu

We can see that we have the option of entering options 1 through 7, plus the option to exit the menu.
But are those the only options you  have from this screen?  If you read the bottom of the screen, the obvious answer is  “no” there are a LOT of other functions you can perform while on the screen.
All these options are displayed when you pressed the F10 key. We call them the “Quick Access” keys because they give you access to other functions, some totally unrelated to entering an order by simply pressing one key on your keyboard.

Some of these keys are very useful, while others you will only use once in a while.
For example, if you need to look at an order and you know the invoice number, there is no need to exit out of the New Orders menu and go into Edit/View Orders.  You can simply press “E” and flowerSoft will ask you to enter the invoice number you want to view or edit.

But let’s say you want to do something entirely different.  Your wholesaler just showed up with a delivery of flowers and you have to write him a check.
You could exit the New Orders Menu and then exit the orders menu and then go into the Accounts Payable menu and then go into the Checkbooks menu, enter the password and then go into the Direct Checks menu and then select the Write a Direct Check option.
So how many keystrokes is that?  Let’s see X > X > P > C > PASSWORD > C  and finally A.
That is 6 keystrokes plus the length of the password.  Not terrible but what if there was a much quicker way, like pressing the “@” sign?
Wouldn’t you rather use that?  I would, if I knew it was available.
Shortcuts just like this one are available for a myriad of other functions.  When you have a little time available, press the F10 key from the New Orders menu and explore them.  You might find some very useful ones.

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