Tip #034 – Adding the Disigner Initials

Tip #034
Adding the Designer Initials

If you are not the only designer at your shop, you should be keeping track of who designs each order received.

Why?  There are several reasons.

  1. It makes it very easy to see who designed an order by just looking at it on the screen.
  2. You can keep track of designer productivity.
  3. If you are using the route & receipt forms feature, it is almost mandatory.
  4. If you use the “bench” option, it is a requirement.

You should be entering orders into the computer in real time.  In other words, as the customer is giving you the order.
When you are entering an order  into the system,  you probably do not lnow who is going to be designing the order.
If you are not, and the order has already been designed then you can enter the designer initials when you enter the order.

flowerSoft makes it easy for you to enter the designer’s initials after the order has been entered.
There are several ways to get the designer initials into the order, but the most common one is by bringing the order up on the screen
through the Edit/View Orders oprion of the Orders Menu, and pressing “D”.
flowerSoft will immediately ask you to enter the designer initials

After the intials are entered, you’ll be able to tell who designed the order by simply looking at the order.

If an order has the designer initials already recorded, and you press “D” again, flowerSoft will allow you to change or erase the existinig initials,
but it will also give you opportunity to do other things as the screen shot below will show you.

This brings us to our next tip

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