Tip #030 – Holiday Occasions

Tip #030
Holiday Occasions

Although you can choose from a couple of different formats, flowerSoft provides the wording for the occasion reminders.

(By the way, if you think you have wording that is better than what we have, please feel free to send us an email with your wording and we’ll include it with the other options.)

So, birthdays and anniversaries are easy for flowerSoft because it is always a birthday or an anniversary you are reminding your customer about. Although you may not be entirely happy with the way the occasion reminder reads, it will always make reference to birthday or anniversary.

Holidays present a different challenge. How would flowerSoft know which holiday you are reminding the customer about?

Well, when flowerSoft is going through last year’s orders trying to pick the ones that should be included in the reminders for the following month, if it comes across an order that has “HOLIDAY” in the occasion field, it will stop an ask you what word should be used to replace “holiday” in the occasion reminder. Well, in February and May that is pretty easy because more than likely you only care about sending reminders for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

But what if you are sending reminders for December? What word do you use to replace “holiday” with? Do you use “Christmas”? Maybe it was “Chanukah” that the customer was celebrating. So… how do we solve that problem?

For the answer see Tip #031 or click here http://wp.me/p24nOe-49



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