Tip #020 – Zero Payments (Cont.)

Tip #020
Zero Payments (Cont.)

To enter a “zero” payment, go to the A/R menu and go to add a payment the way you do all the time. Enter the account #, flowerSoft will tell you how much the account owes, enter the date and then, in the “Adj.Ref.” field enter either “ZP” or MZP” and hit the <Enter> key.

The difference between “ZP” and “MZP” is that with “ZP” flowerSoft will simply look for the credit transactions and apply them (in a chronological order) to the outstanding charges. You do not get to pick the outstanding charges.

With “MZP”, flowerSoft will allow you to pick which charges the “zero” payment is going to be applied against.

Obviously, if you only have 1 credit and 1 debit you can use the “ZP” or if you do not care which invoices are paid.

If you want to select which invoices get paid, then select the “MZP” option.

“MZP” stands for Manual Zero Payment


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