Tip #019 – Zero Payments (Cont.)

Tip #019
Zero Payments (Cont.)

So, now I should explain when and when not to use “zero” payments.

Never enter a “zero” payment to eliminate credit balances if the account owes less that the credit balance. In other words, if an account has a credit balance transaction of $-50.00 and a debit balance transaction of $30.00 DO NOT enter a “zero” payment because all that is going to do is eliminate the $-50.00 credit with a $-20.00.

Do enter a “zero” payment if the credit and debit transactions match each other or if the debit transaction is larger than the credit transaction.

In other words, if you have a $-50.00 credit and a $50.00, go ahead and use a “zero” payment to eliminate both.

If you have a $-50.00 credit and a $75.00 debit, go ahead and use the “zero” payment to eliminate the credit and reduce the debit to $25.00.

Next tip, how to enter a “zero” payment.

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