Tip #010 – Adjusting the Total Order Amount

Tip #010
Adjusting the Total Order Amount

Have you ever had a cash and carry customer go into the store, pick out a ready-made arrangement, go to pay for it and when you finish entering the order into flowerSoft and tell him or her that the total will be $51.38 they tell you “Oh, but I only have $50 with me.

You have some options at this point, like telling the customer “Sorry, you have to come up with the extra $1.38 if you want it” or you can ask for a credit card, if he or she has one that isn’t maxed out or try to figure out how much you have to reduce the order by in order to come up to $50 or…

You can say OK, take the $50 and tell flowerSoft to adjust the total of the order to $50 instead of $51.38.

How do you do this you ask?

Simple. From the “Tax Rate” field or from the “Ready to Save Order” field, you can press the F6 key and tell flowerSoft how much the total of the order should be, including delivery, relay and sales tax.

flowerSoft will then adjust the product amount to make the total come up to the amount requested.

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