Tip #009 – Automatic Discounts

Tip #009
Automatic Discounts

Most florists have some accounts the extend discounts to on every local order they place. although flowerSoft allows you to apply a discount to each order manually, there is a simpler way to do this for accounts you always give discounts to, as long as the discount % is always the same.

Let’s say, for example, that you provide a 30% discount to a gift shop in a hospital when the place orders with you. They place an order for a $100 arrangement and you give them a $30 discount on the order.

I’ve seen florist trying to remind themselves and their staff to do this by adding a note to the customer’s profile. The note will automatically come up during the order-taking process but you will still need to apply the discount manually.

Here is the simpler way.

Go to the Manager’s menu and access the Customer Operations option. Bring up the customer’s profile and press the percent sign (% – Shift 5).
flowerSoft will then display a little box asking for the percent number. In the example above, you would enter 30 into the box.
From that point on, flowerSoft will apply a 30% discount to the customer’s local orders. Please note that the discount is only applied to the product amount.
If you ever need to change the discount percent, just go back to the customer’s profile and press the percent key again and change the number.

Please note that this applies to local orders only. Discounts to outgoing and incoming orders must be applied manually.

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