Tip #008 – Duplicate Accounts

Tip #008

Duplicate Accounts

Sometimes, an account for the same customer gets duplicated because the customer gave you a different phone number that the one that was on file.

When you realize that you have the same customer entered twice in the system, flowerSoft can help you combine the 2 accounts with very little effort on your part.

To combine 2 accounts into one, go to the Manager’s menu and access the Client Operations option and from there; select the “Combine Two Accounts” option.
Enter the two account numbers in question into each of the 2 account number fields.
flowerSoft will then display the information it has for each account.


Then, enter an “X” into the panel containing the account number you want to assimilate into the remaining account.
flowerSoft will then ask for confirmation and then combine the two accounts into one.


After you select which account is to be eliminated, flowerSoft will still ask you to choose the account number to use for the remaining account.


If you answer No to this question…


Answer Yes to this one and then…


After you answer Yes to this question, flowerSoft will combined all the records belonging to the eliminated account into the remaining account.

That is all there is to it.

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