Tip #007 – Changing Account Numbers

Tip #007

This tip comes as a result of a question I just got asked by a flowerSoft user.


I am having some issues with accounts #’s, when entering orders, O>N>1, and using the phone #, on this particular account, if I enter a 402 first, FS will recognize it as belonging to a different account number, even though it is the same customer. If I use 4024887638 first, FS will bring up a pop up window, telling me I should use 4887638 instead. When I go to their account profile, their account number is without their 402 #, but on their phone # it shows the 402. I did update their account, but FS won’t change it to reflect this change, so when taking orders, I cannot use the 402.

I don’t know how to fix that, maybe you can take a look!



My answer:

flowerSoft will not change the account number unless it sees a change in the existing phone number or an additional phone number in the customer’s profile.

Go to the customer’s profile, update it and enter another phone number (perhaps the one without the area code) in one of the empty phone number fields.

This will force flowerSoft to ask which phone number you want to use as the account number. You can then select the phone number with the area code. After you save the changes, flowerSoft will ask you if you want to update all existing related records. Answer “Y”es. That should solve your problem.


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