Tip #004 – Account Aliases

Tip #004

Account Aliases

Everyone has certain accounts that order very often. An easy way to save time during order entry is to give those accounts an “alias”. An alias is a shortcut to a customer’s account. An alias can be up to 10 characters in length and it must be unique. In other words, it cannot be duplicated.

An account can have many aliases, as long as those aliases are unique. In other words, one of your employees can give my account with you an alias of “g-man” while another one of your employees can give my account an alias of “gman”. Both these aliases, when entered in the account number field (or account name field if preceded by a period) will bring up the same account. There is no limit as to how many aliases an account can have or how many aliases the system can hold. The only restriction, as mentioned before, is that the alias must be unique.
In other words, you cannot have more than one account with the alias g-man or gman.

Aliases can only be used in order entry and A/R payment entry.

To enter an alias, access the customer’s profile either from client operations or from order entry (press F6 from “Ordered By” filed) and then press “A” and “1” to give the account an alias.







So my account now can be brought up by entering g-man in the account number field or from the account name field if you precede the alias with a period, like this .g-man.

So, you no longer have to ask your good customers for their account number or the spelling of his or her name as long as you remember the alias you give them.
They will be very impressed by you ability to remember their name or account number.



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