flowerSoft’s Main Menu

Below is an image of flowerSoft’s Main Menu.  From this menu you can access all of flowerSoft’s modules.

flowerSoft's Main Menu
flowerSoft's Main Menu

There is never a need to reach for a mouse.  All of flowerSoft’s options are accessed by pressing one key on the keyboard.

Although the original flowerSoft was written many years ago to run under DOS and even though it still looks like a DOS program, it is not.
Today’s flowerSoft is a Windows console application. Console applications are text applications and not graphical in nature.

What does this mean?
It means that flowerSoft does not need to use a mouse to access any of its features.  Everything is access with a keystroke.
It mens that flowerSoft uses a lot less disk space in your computer than if it were a graphical application.
This is the reason why flowerSoft can show you a customer’s purchasing history for the past 15 or 20 years or more.
It means flowerSoft will run much faster that if it were a graphical application.

Amount the advantages of text applications as compared to graphics applications include lower memory consumption and faster screen manipulation.
Many modern programs with a graphical interface simulate the display style of text mode programs, notably when it is important to preserve the vertical alignment of text.

As far as a florist is concerned, the biggest advantage of a text-based program is that you never have to reach for a mouse when you are holding a telephone with one hand and trying to type with the other.

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