How to configure flowerSoft on a Windows network environment

How to configure flowerSoft Silver Edition to work on a Windows network environment

flowerSoft Silver Edition is installed in only one computer, the file server.  Preferably, this server will be running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later.
Installations on peer-to-peer network will result in flowerSoft running very fast in the host computer and significantly slower on the other workstations.
You may or may not be able to cope with the decreased speed of the workstations on a peer-to-peer network.

By default, flowerSoft Silver Edition will install itself in C:\FSSILVER.
We recommend that you do not change this location.  If you do, all the batch files that are used to run flowerSoft will have to be changed.
Like we previously said, flowerSoft is only installed in the server computer.  Do not install flowerSoft in any of the workstations.

If the file server is also being used as a workstation, the batch file used to start flowerSoft is called FSSILV01.bat.  Do not use this batch file to run flowerSoft from any of the other workstations.

All the workstations must be mapped to the C:\FSSILVER folder in the server using the same drive letter.  This drive letter will be N:
If any other letter is used, the batch files running flowerSoft will have to be changed.

If ICVerify is being used to authorize credit card transactions, it is recommended that it be also installed in the file server.
By default, ICVerify installs in C:\ICVERIFY\ICWINxxx.  xxx indicates the version number of ICVerify.
All workstations will have to map this folder to the letter I: (for ICVerify)
Failure to do so will result in an error while trying to get an approval of a credit card transaction.
If another letter is used to mapped this drive instead of I:, all the flowerSoft batch files will have to be changed to reflect this change.

If your version of ICVerify is higher that 4.03, flowerSoft will require the installation of an additional program to handle the encryption.
ICverify versions 4.03 and earlier do not require this additional program.

In order to get flowerSoft to run from the workstations all that has to be done (as long as the drives are mapped correctly) is create a desktop shortcut at each of the workstations.
These shortcuts will run batch files located in the C:\FSSILVER\FSROOT folder of the file server.

A different batch file must be used from each of the workstations.  The following batch files must be used in a 5 user multi-user configuration:

FSSILV01.bat (runs in the file server only)
FSSILV02.bat, FSSILV03.bat, FSSILV04.bat and FSSILV05.bat at the workstations.

You should use these batch files in order.  For example, if you are running flowerSoft from 3 workstations, one of them being the server, you should be using FSSILV01.bat at the fileserver and FSSILV02.bat and FSSILV03.bat at the workstations.

For installations having more that 5 workstations, additional batch files, starting with FSSILV06.bat, will be supplied.

flowerSoft will print invoices and reports to a printer named FSPRINTER.  This printer must be available to all the workstations in your network.  If your printer has a different name, rename it.  This will not affect your ability to print from Windows programs such as Word or Excel.
If the printer is not a client in the network (with its own IP address) and is instead being “shared” from one of the workstations in the network, you must also use FSPRINTER as the shared name for that printer.

Receipt printers (40-column printers) can be installed to a POS station’s usb port or LPT port.  The printer must be re-named 40COLUMN in Windows.

If cash drawers are being used, try to use the ones that attach to the 40-column receipt printers.  When the printer prints a receipt, it triggers a signal to the cash drawer and it will open.

If you have any questions regarding the installation of any of the items mentioned above, please call flowerSoft’s technical support or email
We will call you back or respond to your email as soon as possible.

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